Wider objectives of BISAP are based on the following interrelated fundamental principles:

  • To improve the health and nutritional status of the people especially women, children and people with different abilities of underserved and marginalized community.

  • To ensure prevention of HIV/STI/AIDS in collaboration with development partners.

  • To reduce the incidence of women and child trafficking through boarder areas in Bangladesh

  • Promoting human rights, gender equity, good governance & social justice.

  • Technology demonstration to climate change.

  • To establish inter-agency collaboration for the improvement of water and sanitation (WASH) situation at the grass-roots including Govt. Un-bodies, bilateral and international bodies.

  • Community strengthening activity to impart basic primary education for unschoold and dropout children.

  • Formation of Community Based Organization (CBO) for social action.

  • Networking and Advocacy in favour of distressed people, specially for women and children.