Non-formal Basic Education for Unschooled and Dropout Children Programme

Literacy helps to empower the poor people. It increas-es the knowledge, culture, and access to information. so that they can change their life status in social, cul-tural and economical aspect in family and community levels.

BISAP has set up 2 Basic Non-formal Primary Education Schools (BISAP Shisu Shikkha Niketon). One at Firozshah Refugee Camp ( Bagguna Bastuhara Colony) of Khulshi Thana and another at Sardar Bahadur Refugee Camp of Jhautala under Khulshi Thana of Chittagong City Corporation for imparting basic primary education to unschooled children of 6-10 years of vulnerable families for their growth and development along with ensuring their rights which is still running with the help of local community and Chittagong City Corporation. It is noted that students of said schools belong to floating and lower income group families. It is impressive to note that the children of the community families around the schools have been receiving the decorum of education with the effective measures taken by BISAP. The guardians have become more conscious and aware of education of their children.

Under this Programme, unschooled children of 6 – 10 years are getting 3 years non-formal basic education and co-curricular activities for their comprehensive growth and development.

View of Observation of Parents Day arrange by BISAP where Participation of students, Guardians Programme Staff and School Management Committee Members took part
A view of Working Street Children of Urban Slum of Chittagong City Cooperation