Mr.Jahid Ejaz

Provide Motivational and Educational Know-how

Bangladesh Integrated Social Advancement Programme (BISAP) organized awareness session on “Provide motivational and educational know-how of mental health among community leader and local health care providers” where Non Local Refugee camp dweller attended. The objective of the orientation training was to aware education and knowledge about mental health and its causes. The orientation meeting was conducted in participatory way. Knowhow and General knowledge about mental health were presented by resource person and trainer in particular idea and problem about the said issue. The trainer presented different aspects of mental health for social mobilization. Participants reached a consensus opinion for making the component people oriented through mutual discussion and cooperation. The said awareness session was conducted by Mahbubul Alam, Program Manager, Community Facilitator Saddam Hossain, Rashed Hasan & Shah Newaz and other resource persons.

BISAP Establishes Hand Washing Facilities Among Non-Local Refugees Camp

Bangladesh Integrated Social Advancement Program(BISAP) have arranged Hand Washing Facilities among Non-Local  Refugees Communities and Slum Dwellers and disseminating messages about the current situation that are critical for Camp Dwellers COVID- 19, for their prevention and preparedness and addressing harmful misinformation with the support of AMI Foundation. During the arranging facilities BISAP Team Members, Volunteers, …

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