Dear Supporters:

We do hope this text finds you well. In many weeks have been most stressful for all of us due to
outbreak of COVID-19 infections.

COVID-19, is spreading across the Globe including Bangladesh at an alarming speed.It is affecting livelihood and economy. Its impact on vulnerable community and households who are already bordering poverty may widen inequality gaps and even entrench people in acute poverty and hunger. While the pandemic is still developing and the actual economy has yet to be revealed. Immediate measures to contain COVID-19, emergency fiscal support is required to contain the spread of the disease and cope with the burden of extra patients and testing. Monetary support is essential to health and stability is needed. Yours affordable investments and response as part of overall strengthening of the health of COVID-19, can improve effectiveness in dealing with such crises to contain losses and more importantly, save human lives. People in vulnerable situations are at despraportionate risk to the COVID-19, livelihoods for the vast majority of our operational areas depend on low and irregular income. Most of the people are hand to mouth living in urban slum and rural areas with limited access to basic human needs. Disease causes unreasonable fear and panic in mass population which in turn can foster discrimination and xenophobia. During this difficult situation, we believe people that are specially vulnerable those who are in very remote and backward area are facing poverty and hunger. Currently we taken joint initiative to help the people are :Awareness Initiative,  Emergency relief  for disadvantaged communities, Personal protective equipment (PPE) and hand sanitizer/hand wash. Bore a wave of dignity and moral of survival.

We appreciate your collaboration to overcome the crises.


S. M. Tareque Jawaid

Preparing hand cleaning sanitizer & spreading virus cleaning anti liquid

Providing PPE to poor daily laborers peoples

Packaging food item for poor daily laborers

Providing dry food among the poor daily laborers people